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: ASD TEAM BENATTI TKD De Italy 03-08-2020 / 18:27

Torneios ativos (World Taekwondo)
 Agosto 2020

    OrganizerLatvian Taekwondo Federation Entries100
   CidadeVentspils (Latvia)Max allowed300
   Data do torneio08-08-2020Open requests1
   Inscrição fechada05-08-2020 
    OrganizerIlyo-taekwondo Trencin Entries32
   CidadeTrencin (Slovakia)Max allowed100
   Data do torneio22-08-2020Open requests1
   Inscrição fechada19-08-2020 
 Setembro 2020

    OrganizerTC Neron, Bulgarian TF Entries0
   CidadeSofia (Bulgaria)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio05-09-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada28-08-2020 
    OrganizerTC Gladiator, Bulgarian TF Entries177
   CidadeDupnitsa (Bulgaria)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio12-09-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada04-09-2020 
    OrganizerBlack Tiger TKD Snina Entries17
   CidadeSnina (Slovakia)Max allowed400
   Data do torneio26-09-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada23-09-2020 
 Outubro 2020

    OrganizerSlavia UPJS Koryo Kosice Entries0
   CidadeKosice (Slovakia)Max allowed300
   Data do torneio10-10-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada07-10-2020 
    OrganizerSlavia UPJS Koryo Kosice Entries0
   CidadeKosice (Slovakia)Max allowed100
   Data do torneio10-10-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada07-10-2020 
    OrganizerKICKSPORT/ML SPORT Entries0
   CidadeKunda (Estonia)Max allowed500
   Data do torneio10-10 upto 11-10, 2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada04-10-2020 
    OrganizerLatvian Taekwondo Federation Entries0
   CidadeRiga (Latvia)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio10-10 upto 11-10, 2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada04-10-2020 
    NoteSubscription only through SimplyCompete:
    OrganizerKicksport / ML SPORT Entries0
   CidadeKunda (Estonia)Max allowed100
   Data do torneio11-10-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada04-10-2020 
    OrganizerTC Ramus, Bulgarian TF Entries1
   CidadeSofia (Bulgaria)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio31-10-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada23-10-2020 
    OrganizerWattwil Entries16
   CidadeWattwil (Switzerland)Max allowed400
   Data do torneio31-10-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada24-10-2020 
 Novembro 2020

    OrganizerTUT Entries0
   CidadeHildburghausen (Germany)Max allowed350
   Data do torneio07-11-2020Open requests1
   Inscrição fechada01-11-2020 
    OrganizerSKP Ilyo-taekwondo Kosice Entries0
   CidadeKosice (Slovakia)Max allowed300
   Data do torneio14-11-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada11-11-2020 
    OrganizerSKP Ilyo-taekwondo Kosice Entries0
   CidadeKosice (Slovakia)Max allowed100
   Data do torneio15-11-2020Open requests1
   Inscrição fechada12-11-2020 
    OrganizerTaekwondo Club Grevenmacher a.s.b.l. Entries11
   CidadeGrevenmacher (Luxembourg)Max allowed300
   Data do torneio28-11-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada23-11-2020 
    OrganizerTaekwondo-Club Grevenmacher Entries56
   CidadeGrevenmacher (Luxembourg)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio29-11-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada22-11-2020 
    NoteDieses Turnier war Ursprünglich in März geplannt.
    OrganizerF.L.A.M. / TKD Club Grevenmacher Entries40
   CidadeGrevenmacher (Luxembourg)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio29-11-2020Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada22-11-2020 
    NoteDieses Turnier war Ursprünglich in März geplannt.
 Dezembro 2020

    OrganizerKampfkunstcenter Schwabach Entries44
   CidadeSchwabach (Germany)Max allowed400
   Data do torneio12-12-2020Open requests1
   Inscrição fechada05-12-2020 
 Janeiro 2021

    OrganizerTaekwondo Creti und Pleti e.V. Entries0
   CidadeReutlingen (Germany)Max allowed450
   Data do torneio23-01-2021Open requests7
   Inscrição fechada16-01-2021 
    NoteOb das Turnier stattfindet ist noch offen.
Registrierung wird nicht frei geschaltet.

It is open whether the tournament is taking place.
Registration will be not unlocked
 Abril 2021

    OrganizerTBN Distr. bestuur Noord-Oost Entries0
   CidadeNijverdal (Netherlands)Max allowedNo limit
   Data do torneio04-04-2021Open requests0
   Inscrição fechada30-03-2021 
  SOLVED: Foreigh character issue on TPSS

I am happy to announce that I finally was able to solve the issue with the special characters in the different languages. Instead of ? characters now the correct ones are being shown. This was really a long lasting problem. We will update the translations in the coming week so they are all complete. If anyone wants to assist in this, please let me know.

Publicado em 1/16/2018 / 20:42
  TPSS moves to HTTPS://

Today we have moved TPSS to HTTPS://. This is the secure URL instead of the normal HTTP one. The move was necessary to be compliant with dutch regulations and GDPR, which will be active starting May 18th, 2018. This puts clear restrictions on data security. You may have encountered some small hickups in the afternoon, but now everything is working ok. If you have any issues please leave feedback with the special form on the left side of the loginpage. The secure website is also required for the final roll-out of the Paypal payment addition, which was already there for a while, but not yet activated.

Publicado em 1/2/2018 / 20:39
  Change of IP address

Tonight TPSS.EU has been changed regarding IP address. This could cause TPSS not to be found by your browser. If this happens, clear the browser cache and retry. The DNS servers around the globe need to propagate the IP address change. Thank you for your understanding!

Publicado em 12/29/2017 / 00:14
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65SOLVED: Foreigh character issue on TPSS1/16/201820:42
64TPSS moves to HTTPS://1/2/201820:39
63Change of IP address12/29/201700:14

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